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Re: A Quick One Here
« Reply #45 on: June 03, 2020, 09:26:03 pm »
Haha I have actually started ..... every so often I write more but I have to be in the mood.
When I was 18 Linda I left home and went to Scotland to work.... that was the beginning of my travels.  From there I went to Newquay in the South of England to the Surfing capital of England with an Aussie chief life guard :) After that to Scotland again and Newquay then to Holland,  Switzerland, Germany and Spain where I worked but travelled through Italy, Islands of Sardinia, Corfu, then Greece, Spain,  North Africa  and finally to America. I was thinking last night when I could not sleep ... that we did pay for accommodation in Montreal and Quebec :)  We had friend in Toronto, Irish Angela but we were not impressed with Toronto or Montreal just  big cities but Quebec was lovely:)  We were in America July 30th to 29th October when we flew back to Glasgow. If I had known you bac then Linda we would have come to visit but we did not know anybody in the middle of America and we could not afford to go to the West coast.